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Third Party Management

Third Party Management

Especially for IT projects, the use of external specialists has long been established. As the complexity increases, the number grows. It is important to organize more and more service level agreements, interactions, relationship structures and contractual arrangements efficiently. In order to relieve specialist departments and the purchasing department in your company, with our 3rd party management (TPM) we offer you all necessary services for efficient use and smooth control of external service providers and suppliers.

Special challenges in 3rd party deployment

The pronounced and steadily growing complexity of IT projects entails an enormous amount of goals, agreements, specifications and criteria for the measurement of attainment levels. Often the accompanying definition of standards and, consequently, the production of measuring and comparability within the companies is not keeping up with such developments.

Immediate consequences can be:

  • The difficulty of identifying the cause for problems
  • Problems of efficiently comparing, monitoring and controlling suppliers and independent professionals
  • Completion of a plurality of mostly heterogeneous service contracts with IT service providers
  • Lack of overview of which skills and competencies are available in the company - and which are not
  • Risk that skills, expertise and service areas overlap
  • Uncoordinated sequences of processes, which is why potentials can not be exploited
  • Use and control of many IT service providers overcharges the operational resources in specialist departments and in the purchasing department

What goals can 3rd party management by Aestimator support?

We optimize your suppliers and service management and ensure the efficient management of existing resources. This allows your company to eliminate the risks associated with a multi-service strategy.

Aestimator is familiar with the topic of partnerships and dedicated to the selection, employment, evaluation and control of external IT service providers:

  • We regularly check the competences and tasks of your freelancers. Thus, redundancies can be detected or avoided in in the first place.
  • By compiling and comparing terms we create transparency and increase the efficiency of purchasing services.
  • We structure and simplify purchasing processes in order to minimize shortages of the necessary specialist staff as well as in the control and administration areas.
  • By consolidating your - possibly very heterogeneous - service structure we optimize their use, reduce the purchase of overlapping services and ultimately simplify the communication in the project / operation.
  • We are the interfaces between your service providers and your departments / project teams.
  • If necessary we carry out rationalisation for your business, optimize or terminate overpriced contracts and thus achieve savings.

As a result, you get highly efficient and transparent service structures and you can concentrate on the needs of your core business.

3rd Party Management as a holistic solution from Aestimator

If you want, Aestimator will set up an efficient third party management system at your company. This service includes a package of measures such as Consolidating your suppliers and service structure

  • Consolidating your suppliers and service structure
  • Leveling Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Establishment and application of homogeneous service contracts
  • Implementation of sophisticated control processes
  • Ensuring continuous improvement of service quality and resource allocation
  • Continuous personal support

Regardless of the structure of a third party management, we also offer you the procurement of the necessary external resources for your projects and the closure of identified competence gaps of IT service providers. Our expertise in IT projects, planning and operation of data centers, temporary management and in sumpti management is the best prerequisite to quickly and optimally manage your project teams.

Do you the need for our 3rd party management?

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