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Target information security: Planning and operating data centres

Target information security: Planning and operating data centres

The fundamental importance of data centres for the functioning of your business can not be overstated. Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your company. The production of information security, that is smooth operation, maximum availability and efficient use of IT technologies in the data centre, is now one of the most important corporate objectives. This is the only way to prevent breakdowns and massive disruption to your business processes. Otherwise significant financial losses may occur up to the downfall of companies. According to a study by the Meta Group (source: Bitcom 2009), a multi-day failure can cause a lasting damage to a company with a probability of 50% of a complete market disappearance. The high availability of your data centre not only includes the use of appropriately equipped technology, but also the implementation of suitable organisational structures.

The personal competence of our employees and our experience in numerous projects concerning the planning and operation of data centres also provides your company with an excellent basis to ensure information security. It is irrelevant for which reasons you want to make changes: We offer you from concept planning, system engineering, installation, deployment and system management to operating the entire performance spectrum for a smooth operation of your data centre.

Planning a data centre

The path to information security begins with a detailed planning phase. Based on your goals and needs, we analyze the initial situation in your company and create a status report. We conclude target analysis and the elaboration of solutions with a demand-oriented recommendation. Doing this, we not only take into consideration the right IT equipment, but also building facilities such as air-conditioning, ventilation and reliable energy supply, multifunctional cabling and new IT trends such as cloud computing, mobile device management and data security at the highest level.

Further services in our data centre planning for your company can be optimization of the acquisition and operating costs, capacity planning by means of analytical modelling procedures as well as personnel planning and recommendations for the use of external specialists and managers.

In your company, too the Aestimator teams can thus create the best possible conditions for a constant availability of your data centre at the desired level with efficient and environmentally compatible solutions.

Operation of data centres

Operating data centres in particular requires ever more comprehensive, complex expert knowledge. We can provide it to you. This includes the operational coordination, coordination and monitoring of service level agreements (SLAs) and operational level agreements (OLAs), troubleshooting, data backup concepts, reliable early warning systems and integration of systems. Furthermore, Aestimator teams also provide their expertise in seamless process documentation and proactive monitoring, in the development of general operating guidelines and measurable quality assurance in the service of your company. This also includes the introduction of a service management according to IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and the preparation and ongoing editing of manuals.
By the way, you can also rely on our operating expertise in the operation of servers and networks.

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