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Cost management and operating cost optimization

Cost management and operating cost optimization

Constant competitive pressure and progressive technological developments pose always new challenges for every company. Consistent cost management and continuous optimization of the operating costs are important instruments for your company to compete and create investment opportunities. With our "Sumpti-Management" (derived from the latin term "Sumptus” = effort, costs), we offer comprehensive competencies to manage your costs along the entire value chain and optimize operating costs.

Objective strengthening the core business and reduce cost pressures

Back in the days measures to reduce costs were limited to periods of time, where price slumps, distortions of market structures or a new competitor in the market (so-called "difficult times") forced companies to implement them whereas nowadays this issue has become a permanent part of the operating processes in an increasingly global economy. Time to "take a breath" no longer remains in many markets. Depending on the industry and the company, it is assumed that between 20% and 30% of the cost reduction potential is not systematically and permanently exploited. Reasons may be: staff shortages, time constraints in production and services, unidentified cost drivers.

With its comprehensive concept of "Sumpti management", Aestimator has therefore set itself the goal of systematically implementing cost management and optimization of operating costs as corporate management instruments:

  • Including long-term as well as short-term cost reduction potentials
  • With cost reductions without any qualitative losses in production and / or services
  • With cost management along the entire value chain
  • With the expansion of "Sumpti management" instruments at all management levels in the company
  • By ensuring that "Sumpti management" is not only carried out on an occasional or sporadic basis, but is carried out continuously as a management instrument

Operating range of the Aestimator Sumpti management

In the following areas, we analyze your costs and carry out optimization processes:

  • Computer services
  • Telecommunications
  • Fleet
  • Logistics and transportation
  • Expense Management
  • Facility management
  • Security technology
  • Waste management
  • Energy
  • Office equipment, office supplies
  • Business insurance
  • Operating and auxiliary materials

Strategy and progress of Aestimator's Sumpti management

Based on the knowledge and personalities of our employees, we analyze the cost structures of your entire value chain in a joint dialogue with you. For this purpose, the following partial services are processed in a structured manner:

  • Status analysis
    The current cost situation is recorded in the cost area. The most important bases are generally posed by, invoices, consumption and wear-out compilations, supplier agreements, service contracts, other cost-accounting. Business-sensitive data will remain unaffected - according to your requirements.
  • Sumpti status report
    Compilation of the identified potential savings by Aestimator and to what extent savings are to be expected
  • Sumpti target scenario and determination of the need for action
    Development of a scenario with which measures the identified potential savings can be achieved
    First assessment of resource and time requirements for the planned activities
    Coordination with the requirements of your company
  • Sumpti concept presentation
    Aestimator offers you realisable savings potentials and offers recommendations for action. Taking into account the priorities you set, alternatives for cost reduction are jointly evaluated and compared. Finally, Aestimator also makes recommendations for the concrete approach.
  • Realisation of the cost reduction concept
    You specify preferences, priorities and sections of the cost reduction. Aestimator then works with you to implement the individual work steps.

Your benefits from Aestimator's Sumpti management

Aestimator's performance in the Sumpti management is purely dependent on success. We bear the risks of analyzing your cost structures and identifying potential cost reductions. If no potential for cost reduction in your company is worked out within the framework of the Aestimator Sumpti management, no fee will be charged.

The advisory fee of Aestimator is based on the amount of the cost reductions achieved in the first year.

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