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Temporary Management

Temporary Management

Many IT projects require flexible and scalable personnel planning for the temporary filling of management positions. An intimate knowledge of the markets for interim staff as well as experience in the assessment and selection of appropriate candidates and competencies is indispensable. In order for your company to meet appropriate challenges and meet your profile requirements, we provide experienced interim staff for technical and management positions for technology-oriented and other industries.

Mediation of interim managers through Aestimator

For the appointment of temporary management positions, it is of great advantage not only to have experience in passive project assignment, but also in active project implementation. Both are abundant in Aestimator: We understand your IT projects so to speak "from within". We can reliably assess how sensitive the use of interim staff and the importance of accompanying the entire project can be.

For this reason, the Aestimator's competence in temporary management includes the implementation of interim managers as well as project manager functions, crisis management and project auditing.

Finally, Aestimator has a broad pool of quickly available, experienced specialists and managers. Using extensive and precise databases, we are thus in a position to suggest suitable candidates for your job quickly.

What you can build on with interim managers from Aestimator

Our pool of specialists and managers has very differentiated skills for IT projects. On top of that, managers suggested by us usually have above-average experience as managers and interim managers. Their sovereign and professional competencies also include:

  • the ability to work and implement strategically
  • the results-oriented work
  • the ability to convince other people quickly and to smoothly integrate into teams
  • equally ample experience in dealing with large as well as medium-sized corporate structures

Your special benefit of interim managers from Aestimator

You will get competent specialists for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Close management gaps
  • Expansion of your management expertise, possibly with the opportunity to bind the additional expertise to your company in the long term (permanent employment)
  • Bridging of short-term work peaks
  • Implementation of change and growth projects
  • Implementation of initiative and test projects
  • Exploring market opportunities
  • Crisis management

Your company benefits from management and decision-making competencies, which can operate largely independently of "domestic political conditions".

The contractual arrangements for the involvement of interim managers can be made comparatively simple::

  • Arbitrarily long contract periods possible
  • Short time cancellation periods
  • Usage of the advantages of part-time jobs

Many work risks, such as illness-related disability, shortfall of work contents or premature expiring projects, are largely taken over by the interim manager and relieve your company.

You can calculate with clear cost structures: Our interim managers are rewarded according to fixed hourly rates. There are no special costs, such as company vehicles, bonuses or recruitment expenses, as well as costs not included by your company, such as social contributions.

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